Hacos HML240S semi automatic moulding line


Item # 8094 - SEMI-AUTOMATIC MOULDING LINE Manufactured by HACOS Model HML240S, 275 x 135mm moulds This moulding line allows you to make chocolate shell, close your shells after filling, or make solid chocolate products at a higher speed and more constant quality than you can do by hand. semi-industrial moulding line enables processing of several mould layouts during a single production process. The line processes the different moulds one by one, regardless of the model in the mould. The chocolate is distributed directly from the tempering machine into the moulds, without requiring a specific dosing head. A double scraping system removes the excess chocolate from the moulds that are entirely filled with chocolate. The moulds pass onto the vibrating table, eliminating air bubbles from the chocolate. The moulds are turned for the creation of chocolate shells. Surplus chocolate is collected and pumped back to the automatic tempering machine. The mould can be taken from the line by manual scraping of the sides. The moulding line can also be used to produce solid chocolate products. Immediately after the vibration process, a stainless steel table is placed on the line. This allows the user to produce not only chocolate shells but also solid chocolate tablets. Instead of rotating the moulds, the moulds remain completely filled with chocolate and can be cooled in a cooling tunnel or manually transferred to a cold room. The same procedure is followed to close the filled shells with chocolate. Production process: The (various) moulds are placed on the mould loader. A pushing system places the moulds under the tempering machine, which fills the moulds with chocolate. The moulds are scraped with a double scraper and vibrated on the vibrating table. Afterwards, the moulds can be turned over in order to create chocolate shells Technical characteristics: Speed: 4 moulds per minute Power and consumption: 230 V - 16 A - 3680 W dimensions: 1950 mm x 494 mm x 1470 mm Weight: 205 kg The moulding line features four different and adjustable heating systems: Heating of the upper scrapers: Heating of the side scrapers: Heating of the return pump: Heating of the vibrating station (also available separately Selmi tempering machine for flood filling the chocolate)


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